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Stormwater Design

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How to submit information for design assistance
Request a CULTEC Stormwater Design Guide
CULTEC Stormwater Design Calculator
CULTEC StormGenie Automated Drawing Program
Manual System Sizing Calculations
Calculating CULTEC Chambers for Residential Downspout Drainage

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CULTEC’s Technical Department can assist you with the design of your CULTEC Stormwater System by aiding with preliminary calculations, shop drawings and submittal packages.

Our Technical Staff is able to convert plans from existing pipe and stone systems, ponds, concrete structures and competitor chamber products to propose an equivalently sized septic or stormwater system utilizing CULTEC products.

We provide system layouts, cross section details and other CAD details for you to pick and plot for use on your blueprints.

Please note that CULTEC is able to provide these services free of charge and is limited to proposals and evaluating that the criteria meets minimum CULTEC requirements. It is the client’s responsibility to have all work reviewed and approved by a licensed professional engineer.

How to Contact our Technical Staff:
   Toll Free:    1-800-4-CULTEC, Ext. 2003 - (800-428-5832, Ext. 3)
   Phone:       203-775-4416, Ext. 2003
   Fax:          203-775-1462

>>Click here for instructions how to submit information for design assistance

>>Click here for a CULTEC Project Information Sheet

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We are able to assist you in your design by performing preliminary calculations and supplying AutoCAD layouts free of charge.