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Modeling CULTEC in Boss International's StormNET

Modeling CULTEC Chambers in StormNET®

StormNET is an advanced, powerful, and comprehensive hydrodynamic modeling package available for analyzing and designing urban drainage systems, stormwater sewers, and sanitary sewers. It can handle a variety of complex flow situations such as looped networks, interconnected ponds, and pumps. In addition, StormNET can model all aspects of stormwater quality/quantity and incorporates best management practices (BMPs), including support for all CULTEC storage chambers.

Any CULTEC storage chamber can be added to a StormNET project by performing following few simple steps:

Step 01: Start StormNET with a new project or open an existing project

Step 02:By double clicking on the “Storage Curves” from the data tree bring up the dialog




Figure 1: StormNET Data Tree 


Step 03: From the Storage Curves dialog, click on “Add” button to create a new storage curve. Then switch to the “Storage Chambers” tab.

Step 04: Select the desired CULTEC storage chamber type from the drop down list and set the Parameter values to match your project needs. Click on “Compute” button to calculate “Depth vs. Area” storage curve data for the selected CULTEC chamber. Click on “Close” to close the dialog.

 Figure 2: Storage Curves Dialog

Step 05:Select Storage Node icon from the StormNET toolbar and click at the desired location on the “Plan View” to create a storage node element

Figure 3: StormNET Elements Toolbar

Step 06: Double click on the Storage Node icon ( ) to open the storage nodes property dialog.

Step 07: Specify the Storage Shape type as Storage Curve and select the previously defined storage curve    (SC-1)

Figure 4: StormNET Storage Nodes Dialog

Step 08: Define “Invert Elevation”, Maximum Elevation” and other input parameters required for storage nodes as per project specifications.

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