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Manufacturer of the Contactor® and Recharger® Plastic Drainage Chambers

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CULTEC Stormwater System CULTEC Septic System CULTEC Water Harvesting System
CULTEC provides a complete stormwater management plan consisting of filtration, conveyance, storage and infiltration within its own product line. By utilizing these key components, engineers and their clients are able to meet the regulations of EPA's Phase II of the Clean Water Act for their commercial and residential projects.

CULTEC plastic septic chambers have been widely accepted in most parts of the United States for gravel-less septic leach fields as replacements for concrete galleries and conventional pipe and stone systems. CULTEC chambers may receive as much as a 50% square foot sizing reduction in some areas of the country.  

CULTEC has launched a residential rainwater harvesting (CULTEC RRH) program that can greatly reduce household demand for non-potable water supply. In such a system, the Contactor and Recharger chambers capture and store rainwater that can be used for such activities as irrigation, fire prevention, sprinkler reserve and exterior cleaning.

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Landscaper Series Coming Soon - CULTEC StormGenie v. 2.5 Updated Installation Instructions
CULTEC Recharger V8 LS Landscaper Series CULTEC StormGenie

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We are proud to announce our new Landscaper Series for Residential Drainage.

The new and improved CULTEC StormGenie Automated Drawing Program v.2.5 will be coming soon. Now with HydroCAD compatibility! 

Model in HydroCAD and draw with CULTEC StormGenie in AutoCAD.

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Storm and Sanitary Analysis

PondPack V8i
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