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CULTEC StormFilter



Engineers, developers and property owners are faced with tough environmental regulations aimed at stopping pollutants in stormwater runoff from being discharged into local waterways.

The STORMFILTER® series was designed to be a secondary water quality unit that effectively removes many of the smaller particles not eliminated by conventional structures during the pretreatment process. If allowed to pass through unobstructed, these particles may eventually lower the overall performance of your stormwater management system. CULTEC’s cost effective STORMFILTER® water quality units require less space and are a sensible Best Management Practice for complying with Phase II of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s stormwater program.


The Stormfilter utilizes a  pass through baffle system to separate solids.

CULTEC StormFilter - install   Click the image to the left or here to view a Quicktime video showing the filter in action.

We are able to assist you in your design by performing preliminary calculations and supplying AutoCAD layouts free of charge.