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    Stormwater Chambers Downloads
    Headers & Feed Connector Downloads
    Water Conveyance Products Downloads
  Water Quality Units Downloads
  Stormwater Accessories Downloads
  Stormwater Design Tools Downloads
  Stormwater Literature Downloads
  Septic Chambers Downloads
  Septic Accessories Downloads
  Septic Literature Downloads
  State Specific Septic Literature Downloads
  Additional Downloads


Stormwater Products Quicklaunch

Click on the corresponding model to go to the product's webpage. Downloads specific to that model are then located on the right hand side of the page.

  Stormwater Chambers
      Contactor 100HD Stormwater Chamber
      Recharger 150XLHD Stormwater Chamber
      Recharger 280HD Stormwater Chamber
      Recharger 330XLHD Stormwater Chamber
      Recharger V8SHD Starter Stormwater Chamber
      Recharger V8IHD Intermediate Stormwater Chamber
      Recharger V8EHD End Stormwater Chamber
  Headers & Feed Connectors
      HVLV SFCx2 Feed Connector
      HVLV FC-24 Feed Connector
      HVLV F-110x4 Feed Connector
      HVLV 180BT Blind Tee
      HVLV 180SC Straight Connector
  Water Conveyance Products
      PAC 150
  Water Quality Units
      StormFilter 330
      StormFilter T-80
  Stormwater Accessories
      CULTEC No. 20L Polyethylene Liner
      CULTEC No. 410 Filter Fabric

 Stormwater Design Tools

   CULTEC Design Tool CD Current version is: CULG015 DT12-11
MS Excel Spreadsheet  CULTEC Stormwater Design Calculator Current version is: 2012-02 052114
   Bed Design Aides for AutoCAD Click to see available files
 Incremental Storage Calculators Click to see available files
 Free HydroCAD CULTEC Edition Click to go to download page

 Stormwater Literature

 CULTEC Stormwater Management Design Guide Current version is: CULG002 CULDG04-10
 Stormwater Installation Instructions Click to see available files
 Stormwater Product Booklet Current version is: CULG016 07-14
   Many more pieces available see link below
 Misc. Stormwater Literature Click to see available files


Septic Products Quicklaunch
Click on the corresponding model to go to the product's webpage. Downloads specific to that    model are then located on the right hand side of the page.

  Septic Chambers
   Contactor Field Drain C-4 Septic Chamber
   Contactor EZ-24 Septic Chamber
   Contactor 100 Septic Chamber
   Contactor 125 Septic Chamber
   Recharger 150HD Septic Chamber
   Recharger 280HD Septic Chamber
   Recharger 330XLHD Septic Chamber
   Septic Accessories
   CULTEC No. 410 Filter Fabric

 Septic Literature

CULTEC Septic Installation Guide Current version is: CULG066 05-14
CULTEC Septic Brochure Current version is: CULG009 10-13
CULTEC Septic System Owner's Manual Current version is: CULG071 11-13
Approved Septic Fabrics Current version is: CULG006 08-10

 State Specific Septic Information

  State of CT
 CT Public Health Code
 CULTEC Septic Allowances for State of CT
  State of MA
 Septic Installer Certification Test
 310 CMR: DEP 15.000
 CULTEC Modified Certification for General Use - Revised June 6, 2013
Standard Conditions for Alternative Soil Absorption Systems with General Use Certification and/or Approved for Remedial Use - Revised June 6, 2013


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